Move your head closer to the object.

I’ve been using a cool new aid today. It’s not mine but I’ve been making use of this magnifying visualiser.


It magnifies whatever you put under it and then projects onto a monitor. That image is of a little detail of soft cut Lino next to one of my Pfeil cutting tools.

Now ordinarily I would simply use the Red Dwarf magnification method, which is to move my head closer to the object. This works well to some extent but I have enjoyed seeing my work in extreme close up today and, I must admit, it makes cutting the really fiddly bits much easier.

However, at £2000 per microscope, I’m going to have to start saving pretty hard. Either that or set up permanent camp at my parents’ business and use theirs. There are cheaper models around but I don’t know if they offer the same quality. For the time being, I’ll have to do a little more investigation into the product.

Failing that, there’s always the traditional human zoom feature.

IMG_0805 (1).GIF